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Outdoor services..

Hi everyone! I have been following very closely what is happening in regards to my business sector and I promised to keep you updated.. so here we go.

Many of you may have heard announcements made about personal care services (including salons) reopening outdoors with very strict modifications and parameters. It is not logical or feasible for my business to move forward with this modified reopening plan at this time. 

With the current reopening allowances, I would not be able to have clients inside the salon at all, with no exceptions for shampoo services, and no color application allowed (even outdoors). 

In my professional opinion, this is not a viable solution for providing my services, not to mention it's very far from the experience I strive to provide for you all. I feel defeated by all of this and I really wish I could offer more.

I will be vigilantly watching in hopes of additional announcements regarding us being back together soon- under an actual roof! 

I hope you all are doing well and I miss you all.

Virtual hugs,


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