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Big News..... Maybe?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to get this out there before tomorrow. It has been reported that tomorrow (Monday) there will be an announcement to lift the closure orders. While this is exciting, I was anticipating having more than a days notice to get my schedule ready to go and to also check in with my daughter's team of doctors on their recommendations. I have my list of everyone who had appointments that were cancelled since December 7, 2020. I will be reaching out to everyone in the order cancelled. Please have patience with me. I know everyone is eager to get scheduled, but please wait for me to reach out to you first. We will have to hear not only from the state, but also the county to get firm guidelines for reopening. I do keep a very close watch on all of this and will be keeping you as up to date as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! - Amanda xo

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